Wafios MRP JM-1 Machine

Wafios MRP JM-1 Machine

Stock Number: 5756

Wafios MRP JM-1

Age: 2008

Condition: Excellent

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Bushes or rollers with strip width from10 ~ 40 MM
at strip thickness from1,2 ~ 2,2 MM
internal bush Dia.6,0 ~ 15,0 MM
Tensile strenght at max strip cross section500 (N/mm)
Output (max. pcs/min.)180
Power, main motor (kw)11,0
Weight1750 Kg.

Equipped With:
The automatics JM-1 is for closed bushes and
rollers for extremely close tolerances.

Used for the production of chains for bicycles
and motor cycles or articulating bushes, distance
bushes and the like.

This machine functions on the special curling
principle. The special feature of the process is
the way in which the blank is radially cut. Here
the cut is only performed once the ends of the
blank haveboth already been curled on both
sides. This produces cut surfaces which coincide
precisely with the centre line of the circle and
which fits flawlessly together during the bending

Sleeves and rollers produced using these
machines are calibrated inside and out after

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Wafios MRP JM-1 Machine
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